...every kid deserves to be happy and have a beautiful life we need your help to spread the message and help every child to increase
self-esteem and self-confidence.


I love to dream BIG and start one step at the time. I have BIG plans for this book and my dream is to put The Three Powers into the hands of every child in the world, starting locally. I'm committed myself to do the best I can do and I encourage you to contribute as much as you are comfortable with and help me to put The Three Powers book into the hands of children all over the world. I'm inviting you to start sharing this book with your sons, daughters, grandchildren, nieces, cousins, and little friends. I really appreciate your help.

Thanks to people who believed in The Three Powers and donated money. We really appreciate your generosity.

Special thanks to:

Christine Marmoy - from France
Ninoska Wilson - from San Diego, CA
Luis Mendez - from Manchester, CT

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I really appreciate your help