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We are very excited to visit elementary schools, meet new children every day and help them to be self-confident, love themselves and be happy.

Here is what kids are saying about the book:

"I think the story is very interesting because when Iken touches the book Sir. Wisely pops out. Sir Wisely teaches The Three Powers to Iken and I think I can learn from him and practice the Three Powers every day!" Carol

"My teacher read the story that you wrote and it is the best story I might hear! I like how it talked about the powers everyone has inside. Thank you for writing this story. I love it!" Ashley

"I love The Three Powers book. I'm sure other kids will love it too and learn not to bully...and lots of people learn to love, to have faith and use your words properly. Thank you for the book." Crystal

The Three Powers is coming this December and it is our purpose that you read it, learn the Power of Love, the Power of Faith and the Power of Words, and become a happy kid.

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