Patricia Anaya

Patricia Anaya has a passion for creating projects that help people, especially women and children. She is the creator of the recently launched, an online community for people of all ages that focuses on building and strengthening self-esteem. She has expanded the brainywoman brand to include brainywoman en español as well as brainywoman Café -Patricia's entry into the world of public speaking- a very intimate, casual conversation among 10 to 15 women to share experiences and learn from each other. "I'm helping people to develop their self-esteem, love themselves and find happiness, that special part of themselves they may have forgotten," Patricia says. "This opens up so many possibilities for me to touch women's lives one-on-one." As brainywomen everywhere connect with others of like mind, express personal life stories, share a good laugh, shop for fun products and relevant services and explore new ways of improving self-esteem, they also enjoy a special bond: Love Yourself! Tell the World You're Pretty, Sexy & Smart!

Patricia heads Eti-k Design, a graphic arts and marketing company serving the Los Angeles, CA USA area and the Hispanic market for more than 10 years. Patricia Anaya and Lupita Anaya translate their fresh and creative ideas into distinctive logos, colorful publication layouts, functional websites and product packaging. Eti-k Design works one-on-one with clients to take their brand identity to the next level. Patricia works as Art Director and Production Manager for several publications, trade magazines and advertising agencies. is a company of Eti-k Design.

Patricia's creativity knows no bounds and her life's mission is blossoming; she is also developing I'm Happy – the GAME of my life!, a board game family and friends can have fun playing! Created for two to seven players, the object is to be the first player to get all seven game pieces by completing a set of exercises correctly and on time. "The winner then affirms how and why their life is so happy," Patricia says. The game teaches how to find the easiest way to be happy every day. "What do you really enjoy doing? What kind of life do you want to live? Be clear about what you really want in your life," she adds.

Patricia also created and wrote a Spanish comic strip published in Los Angeles' La Opinion. "Berrinchitos y sus Amigos" is a comic strip to improve communication between children and parents in a funny-good way. She studied Graphic Design at the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara, Mexico, taught graphic design at the Universidad Vasco de Quiroga in Morelia, Michoacan, Mexico and is a color specialist.

My Mission

My mission is to put The Three Powers book into the hands of every child all over the world and teach them the magic to love themselves and how to use their own powers to make good friends and be happy.